An entrepreneurial dream

Triodor Software is an international technology company with a versatile expertise in ICT and robotics. Our company introduces unique innovation-driven business models and develops high-technology solutions for different sectors worldwide. Major projects are operating in domains of farming, food, logistics, smart living, call center and gaming.

The Triodor story began in 2003, when entrepreneurs of Turkish origin living in the Netherlands realised their dream of establishing a software sourcing company. Nowadays, after a rapid growth, it counts more than 100 employees covering diverse fields and specialisations and has set up partnerships with many companies worldwide.

The sales, business consultancy and board-level management are handled at the Headquarters in Amsterdam, whereas research and development operations are conducted in Istanbul. Among various other awards, the Development Center in Istanbul has been awarded to be Turkey's Best Software R&D Center many years in a row.

We cherish continuity as a means to success. We always set a long-term vision while translating technology into new businesses. This is why Triodor becomes an integral part of customers’ value chain, enabling them to focus more on their own primary processes. For both parties, it means a continuous growth, profitability and being ahead of competition.


Atilla Aytekin

Salih Hikmet Coşgun

Umut Akpınar

Ayhan Yerhan Erbaş