Intellectual Property

Creations of the mind

Innovation is fostered by novel ideas, concepts, designs, and especially, by means of putting those into practice. All of these ingredients comprise what is called an "intellectual property". These valuable assets form an essential part of the corporate’s identity; make it stand out from competition, open doors to revenue stream multifariously. Therefore, managing intellectual property in a wise, systematic and leveraging way is critical to any business.

At Triodor, we are aware that intellectual property contributes enormously to the prosperity in organizational, national and global scales. Especially, in today’s pace of information moving around, we realize the importance of the balance between sharing and protecting our knowhow, our ideas.

While we are registering our novel systems as patents to keep the economically competetive edge, we are also sharing our techniques or approaches with the world as publications, seminars, events and blog posts.


Typology Analysis Platform (Application)
Bale Cutter Attachable to Feed Grabber (Application)
Bale Processing System (Application)
Vehicle and System for Distributing Litter Material in an Accommodation for an Animal (Granted)
Autonomously Movable, Unmanned Vehicle for Cleaning a Surface in a Barn (Granted)
Device for Processing Round Bales Wrapped in Wrapping Material (Granted)


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